Precision Robotics Systems
High speed high capacity sorting system
Proprietary Vision System Based Robotic sorting system. 20 LBS (10KG) weight capacity. Clean room and GMP compliant. PC controlled

Combination of six axis robot and UV laser marker for variety applications

Contact AZOT for more information.

Laser Marker
Unique UV laser based lens marker
Free form lens marker. Fully automated, and works on all lens materials. Contact AZOT for more details.

Automated Tray Optical Laboratory tray handling systems

Commonly known as Stackers and De-Stackers configured straight left or right configuration to meet any laboratory requirements.

Polarization Orientation Definer
Unique photodetector based system which defines lens polarization based on the true light transmission. Very helpful device in instances where lens marks are not visible or incorrect. Sensitivity is 1 degree of rotation or less. Contact AZOT for more details

Services and Custom Systems.

Engineering Services

Custom Equipment Design and Fabrication

AZOT LLC team will be happy to discuss you application and propose the solution which works for you. We have extensive background in custom systems development.

Vision assist robotic systems and custom production machinery are our specialties.

We also offering full line specialty LED based light sources. Contact us for more details. 

Standard Products

New TISM Technology
Tomography in Scattering Media
Unique proprietary method, which helps to find inclusions and impurities in light scattering media. It is particularly usefull when working with live cell cultures, or other cellular products and suspensions. Cells are well preserved during the inspection due to the  low power illumination technology. Contact AZOT for more details

Cosmetic Inspection System

Unique vision system based station which can be used in RX lab or Lens Casting environment to address lens cosmetic defects quality issues.
System can be customized to meet internal quality standards. Contact us for more information.